Workout Plan: B8ck to B8sics

This is a no frills, no BS training system that is specifically designed to build and sculpt hard solid muscle. Using carefully selected training systems that are tried and trusted, and incorporating a variety of different rep ranges and rest periods; results are guaranteed! During this programme you’ll focus mainly on compound moves and free weights. No fancy machines, no gimmicks and most importantly… NO … Continue reading Workout Plan: B8ck to B8sics

4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

“I eat small portion sizes and I try to make sensible food choices but I still can’t seem to lose weight?”

The above statement and one’s similar are all too familiar with people who are trying to shed a few pounds. But can it be the case that if you are eating healthy foods and eating in moderation that you may find yourself still unable to lose weight? Absolutely, but the reality is often that the individual is actually consuming more calories than they believe. Continue reading 4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

FREE E-BOOK: 30 Tips to Lose Fat…

Fat loss should be easy…eat less, move more…right? If it was that easy, we’d all be walking around with chiseled abs and a defined chests, but unfortunately, for most of us …were not. However in this e-book I give you 30 tips to burn fat…and keep it off for good! Including tips from personal trainer Sam Marriot. Click to open and download  Continue reading FREE E-BOOK: 30 Tips to Lose Fat…