The Hard Gainers Handbook

You’re here for one reason and one reason only, to turn yourself
from a skinny boy into a muscle bound man. 

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The Ultimate top 10 Fitness Bucket List Challenges

A couple of years ago, when I was working as a gym instructor and doing the occasional PT sessions, I would always ask the same question

What is your goal?

And I always got the same answer

“I want to be fitter”

this would often be followed by

“and to tone up” but let’s not go down that rabbit hole

Saying you’re going to the gym to get fitter is like saying you want to get a job so you can work for a living…it’s redundant.

When setting goals, you want them to be specific to you or at least measurable so you can know if you are progressing week on week and month on month.

But if you’re still struggling to think of what your goal really is, here are ten suggestions from my Fitness Bucket List
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Workout Plan: B8ck to B8sics

This is a no frills, no BS training system that is specifically designed to build and sculpt hard solid muscle. Using carefully selected training systems that are tried and trusted, and incorporating a variety of different rep ranges and rest periods; results are guaranteed! During this programme you’ll focus mainly on compound moves and free weights. No fancy machines, no gimmicks and most importantly… NO … Continue reading Workout Plan: B8ck to B8sics