2017: The year of DIY, Peru and a Puppy

So, 2017 has come to an end, and it has been a pretty full on year what with all the buying a house, doing a complete overhaul and renovation of said house, travelling half way around the world spending a couple weeks in the Cities, Mountains and Amazonian Rainforest’s of Peru, welcoming a new member to the family with little (read: getting bigger by the day Arnie), building a blog site from scratch and lastly having two articles posted on established and respected fitness websites.


Oh, and this was all whilst trying to stay on top of my own fitness and health goals throughout the year.

Yup 2017 has been a little bit frantic to say the least.

And with all that has happened I have come to realise a few things ad learnt some lessons along the way.

1. Small daily actions lead to big end results  

During the time we spent doing up our house, there were days when we would spend a good 6-8 hours working on one room, filling gaps in walls, making floorboards safe & secure, sanding down skirting boards and once we were done, took a step back and looked at our hard work…we wouldn’t notice any difference from what it looked like before we started.

This was a feeling that repeated itself many times over. Until one day after many, many months, we stepped back and show a completely new home before our eyes.

This year I also started doing a bit longer form blog articles and posting them to Facebook and my own website. As with most things, I started off a little slow and rusty and with little traction with the public, but then each blog got a little bit longer, a little bit better written and gained a little more engagement.

After 8 months it all accumulated to me having two quest articles on HealthyLivingHeavyLifting & JMaxFitness within a week of one another.

Now this isn’t to brag but to show that if you put in the effort each day, no matter how little impact it seems to be having, one day it will pay off and you will reap the rewards.

2. Situations are never as bad as you tell yourself they will be in your head.

2017 has been a year of many firsts.

Buying a house, Travelling to South America, owning a puppy.

thumbnail (7)

And when you take on something new it is natural to have doubts and fears about what may happen and how it will change your current, comfortable situation.

As we put our offer in for our house, doubts of whether it was the right property crept in, along with the fear that we may have missed major issues with the building.

Before flying out to Peru there was the fear that I’d get bite by some ungodly creature in the rainforest and become ill or we’d be stuck for two weeks with a group of people that we just didn’t click with.

thumbnail (8)

Before bringing Arnie home, there was the little niggle of doubt that we wouldn’t manage cope being responsible for another life, whilst both working full time jobs.

Do you want to know which of these fears manifested themselves into reality?


In fact, all three of these decisions turned out to be up there with the best decisions I have ever made.

I know have a place to call home with the girlfriend, I’ve experienced new cultures and met some awesome people from all over the world and have the best little bundle of joy that you could ask for running around my feet all day.

3. You have plenty time, things just don’t get done because you’re  lazy.

Before this year I used to think that once you finished up work for the day, got home and had some dinner then that was pretty much your night done…except for the occasional gym session.

Now though, I realise this is total bullshit and the reason I thought this was because I was just too lazy to do anything else.

This year however has seen me work a full 9-hour shift, get home and do a good 2 hour stint of DIY, then head of to the gym for an hour, before getting home to food prep for the next day, and then finally sitting down and writing the next morning’s Instagram post and editing the video to go along with it.

thumbnail (10)

Now I haven’t always been in the mood to do all these things but I did them anyway because I knew it’s what was required in order to achieve what I wanted.

Some days are less hectic than others but I now know that if I need things done then it’s a matter of just getting on with them, rather than wasting time talking about how little time there is.

And so I look ahead to 2018, mainly with joy that I no longer need to spend my evenings and days off doing DIY, but also because I can go forward with these lessons and make 2018 even better than the one that preceded it.


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