Being Human

Do you know the odds of being born? Its 102,685,000. That’s right, that is a 10 followed by 2,885,000 zeros, so basically the odds of you being alive to be able to read this are incomprehensible small, and yet here you are.

You would think this would put us in a forever grateful and optimistic state of mind, just knowing how lucky we all are.

But being human isn’t all that simple, is it?

See, as humans we have a little thing known as emotional intelligence, which means along with all the good stuff we experience, we also feel stress, worry and fear in our day to day lives.

The most crippling of these tends to be Fear: “a distressing emotion aroused by impeding danger or pain whether the threat is real or imagined”.

Fear can stop us following our dreams, it can keep us in jobs we hate or asking out the girl/boy we’ve had a crush on for the last 5 years. It can even stop us from making a lifestyle change to be healthier and fitter in order to lose weight, in fear that we’ll fail and embarrass ourselves.



So, how do we overcome this fear?

Well there are three actions we can take to look fear in the eyes and make it cower away

  1. Reduce your emotional attachment to the outcome

Why are you scared to ask out the girl you fancy? It because you have an emotional attachment to her response, you are scared she will say no and leave you feeling embarrassed and crying your heart out as she has just finished crushing it

But if you don’t think about the outcome and just look at it as a question that needs to be asked it becomes simple.

Ask the question, if she says yes…awesome. If she says no…then that’s cool, you can walk away not thinking “what if?”

The outcome is what it is, but you NEED to ask the question.

  1. Be prepared and Have a plan

Going into something blind isn’t going to fill you with confidence, but go into it knowing you are fully prepared and you will minimise fear.

Starting a new training programme is a lot less scary when you know how to use gym equipment, and beginning a healthy diet is a lot less daunting when you understand calories and how food choices impact your health and performance.

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

  1. Realise Fear will always be there but don’t let it stop you

Feeling fear is an evolutionary emotion, we’ve needed fear to ensure the survival of our race…it stopped us doing stupid shit that could kill us.

So, after thousands of years of evolution we can’t just switch it off, but what we can do is realise it’s just part and parcel of trying new things.

Learn to embrace fear and take it as an indicator that you are about to do something that will build confidence and potentially change your life

Now, isn’t that a scary thought.


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