How a Bodybuilder fell in love with Crossfit

I love bodybuilding. Ever since I picked up my first barbell at the age of sixteen and did my first bicep curl, I’ve been hooked.  In the past 10 years Bodybuilding has giving me some great opportunities such as meeting Greg Plitt and has helped me through some tough and stressful times. I owe a lot to bodybuilding, far more than just an improved physique, and I will always do it.

However, I’ve discovered a new form of training, one that I just might enjoy even more…CrossFit.IMG_20170425_214831

I’ve always known about CrossFit, mainly from people taking the piss out of it (myself included) and watching endless “fail” videos on YouTube, so I never had any interest in actually doing it myself.

So, how did my opinion suddenly change? Well, ironically it was from watching the bodybuilder and physique athlete, Steve Cook. One of the most famous faces in the Fitness industry, Steve cook is a bodybuilding champion and cover model, but before this he played American Football and did CrossFit.  I noticed he had a few CrossFit YouTube videos on his channel and after watching I had a huge admiration for the sport and the athletes.

After seeing what a proper CrossFit workout entailed it was obvious these guys and girls were seriously fit and in incredibly shape and maybe most appealing to me, extremely competitive with each other.

Being competitive is something that comes very naturally to me, growing up with 2 older brothers and a younger sister, it’s was almost necessary for survival and as I’ve got older its only increased.  I’m not just competitive in sport, it’s with anything. When having a meal, I always want to eat more than anyone else and clear my plate first, I create races with random people walking down the road and try to get to a certain point before them. This mentality obviously carries over into the gym, where it is even more intense, so from a competitive standpoint me and CrossFit were made for each other.

CrossFitters aren’t just trying to compete against other competitors however, they also compete against themselves, but unlike Bodybuilding, they are trying to improve their performance, not their physiques.

I’ve been Bodybuilding for near 10 years now and my physique has undoubtedly improved and I’ve got stronger and more confident, but I can honestly say in those near 10 years I have never been 100% happy with my physique. Bodybuilding has many benefits but its emphasise and importance on how you look can be at times very unmotivating and can lead you to comparing yourself unrealistically with others.

Focusing on your performance rather than your physique gives, in my opinion, a much more meaningful focus. I’ve stopped worrying about muscle striations, if I’m bigger or smaller than the guy next to me or having abs (which have actually become more noticeable since starting CrossFit) and more about how my body feels, moves and how it performs.

I touched on earlier how I like to eat a lot of food and this is where CrossFit is a godsend. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Bodybuilding keeping me in check, I’d be “documentary fat” by now.  I don’t know how many calories I burn during a CrossFit workout, it’d probably be best described as a shit load. But when you’ve been eating tubs of ice-cream and struggling to gain weight you know you’re in for a fun time of eating. It would seem combining metabolic work and Olympic lifts into one sport is the secret to eating what you want and having abs.

It’s only been a sort time since I started CrossFit and I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m eager to see what it can do for me.IMG_20170425_214928

Bodybuilding will always be my first love, but for right now I’m having an affair with CrossFit.




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