The goal is important, but the process is key

Whatever your goal may be, it is easy to focus solely on the end result and see it as the be all and end all. This mindset however, tends to lead people to try and achieve their goals as quickly as possible, with a “whatever it takes mentality”.

The problem with this is that it will come with sacrifices. Say your goal is to lose 2 stone in one month, you would need to drastically cut calories, stop eating foods you enjoy, have less energy, increased stress, mood swings, being constantly hungry and most likely a reduced social life.

This is the problem with being fixated on the end goal. Yes, you may reach it and reach it quickly but chances are you will feel terrible when you do.

What’s more important, and what should be your focus, is the process you use in order to achieve your goal. Look at being healthy or losing weight/increasing muscle mass as a lifestyle and not a goal that’s needs to be reached within a certain time frame.

If you make it a lifestyle choice you can achieve your goals without making such extreme sacrifices. It may not happen within a couple of weeks or months but you will find the whole experience more manageable, enjoyable and sustainable.

If you track most of your food intake and make smart, healthy food choices 80% of the time, and couple that with physical activity that you enjoy, you will make progress, whilst still having meals out with friends, or drinking a glass of wine in the evening or eating your favourite treats.

By keeping the process your focus, when you do hit a goal you’ll feel a whole lot better physically and mentally.

Both the methods above will get you results, the problem with the first method is, once you hit your goal you will likely revert back to old habits and lose any results you had, whereas the second method has allowed you to create good, healthy habits that you can carry forward and when you get your results, you will likely keep them.

I’m going to end this blog with a quote from entrepreneur and habit “guru” James Clear.

“When you become obsessed with achieving a result quickly, the only thing you think about is how to get to your goal, and you forget to realize that our process for achieving goals is just as important as whether or not you achieve them at all.

The desire to achieve results quickly fools you into thinking that the result is the prize. But here’s the truth…becoming the type of person you want to become- someone who lives by a stronger standard, someone who believes in themselves, someone who can be counted on by the people that matter to them- is about the daily process you follow and not the ultimate product you achieve”



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