Is Breakfast the most important meal of the day?

It has long been believed that if you miss your morning meal you are more susceptible to weight gain from the foods you eat later on in the day.

This has come from the belief that skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism, and therefore your next meal will be stored as body fat.

The truth? There is no meal that is more important than any other, and eating breakfast really comes down to whether or not you like to eat first thing in the morning or not. Your body will only store body fat if you are in a calorie surplus (consuming more calories than you burn) at the end of the day.

A diet needs to be looked at as an absolute, rather than individual meals or foods.

However, if you train in the morning, it would be advised to consume a breakfast of Protein and Carbohydrates to help fuel your workout.

If you do enjoy eating first thing in the morning, it is advised to include a Protein source, as studies have shown it helps with appetite control and hitting a higher protein intake for the day.

If you don’t enjoy eating first thing in the morning, don’t worry. Just make sure your meals throughout the day help you towards your goals and good health.


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