2017: The year of DIY, Peru and a Puppy

So, 2017 has come to an end, and it has been a pretty full on year what with all the buying a house, doing a complete overhaul and renovation of said house, traveling half way around the world spending a couple weeks in the Cities, Mountains and Amazonian Rainforest’s of Peru, welcoming a new member to the family with little (read: getting bigger by the day Arnie), building a blog site from scratch and lastly having two articles posted on established and respected fitness websites. Continue reading 2017: The year of DIY, Peru and a Puppy

How Love Island is ruining your chances of success

Most of us would define our days as being busy, but is this actually the case or are we just really bad at getting things done…which creates an illusion of ‘busyness’?

Most of us will say we are busy but yet still have the time to sit down and watch MasterChef or Love Island in the evenings.

So, if lack of time isn’t the reason we are so ‘busy’, what is the reason? Continue reading How Love Island is ruining your chances of success

The Elephant and the rope

Most people fail before they’ve even started. Previous negative experiences with dieting makes them believe that any attempt in the future is going to have the same outcome. And this tends to be the case, but not because they aren’t capable, far from it, but because they use the same methods and have the same mentality that have had in the past.

The secret? You have to set yourself up to win from the start. When people go on a health kick they tend to go full throttle and end up burning themselves out sooner rather than later. Continue reading The Elephant and the rope

The Ultimate top 10 Fitness Bucket List Challenges

A couple of years ago, when I was working as a gym instructor and doing the occasional PT sessions, I would always ask the same question

What is your goal?

And I always got the same answer

“I want to be fitter”

this would often be followed by

“and to tone up” but let’s not go down that rabbit hole

Saying you’re going to the gym to get fitter is like saying you want to get a job so you can work for a living…it’s redundant.

When setting goals, you want them to be specific to you or at least measurable so you can know if you are progressing week on week and month on month.

But if you’re still struggling to think of what your goal really is, here are ten suggestions from my Fitness Bucket List
Continue reading The Ultimate top 10 Fitness Bucket List Challenges

How to Build a Bulletproof Back

Having a big back is what sets the men from the boys in the gym, it’s the ultimate symbol of strength. You won’t be getting the nickname “Silverback” any time soon without having solid Traps, thick Rhomboids and vast Lats. But, from day one, most people will walk into a gym and train the mirror muscles, hitting chest, biceps and shoulders day after day after … Continue reading How to Build a Bulletproof Back

Ditch the Detox

Everywhere you look, especially this time of year, you will see a detox or “cleanse” diet being advertised, promising they can remove harmful toxins from your body and guarantee you quick weight loss results just in time to be “beach body ready”

In the dieting world, extremism sells, and it really doesn’t get more extreme than drinking some magical green juice for 21 days. Continue reading Ditch the Detox

Creatine: Everything you NEED to know

I can count on one hand the number of supplements that I would recommend people to take.

Most supplements won’t do much for your health or your physique and rely on the people’s naivety to sell. However, Creatine isn’t one of those supplements and I would say everyone can benefit from having it in their diet, not just people concerned with adding muscle mass (although this is a goal that most people should have for various reasons) Continue reading Creatine: Everything you NEED to know

The Foundations of Nutrition

In my latest E-book I look at each of the different aspects that make up Nutrition as a whole. This is a simple, straight forward, easy to follow explanation of each key aspect that will allow you to have a better understanding of nutrition and learn the benefits it will provide  you CLICK HERE TO OPEN In the Ebook I cover: Calories Protein Carbohydrates Fats Fibre … Continue reading The Foundations of Nutrition